Presence Reporting and After-Call Survey features are now supported by TeleVoIPs!

Presence Reporting

Presence Status and Presence Reporting are features built into TeleVoIPs Virtual Switchboard and Call Center Stats. The features provide a beneficial and effortless way to check on agents quickly if you need any assistance or have a customer on hold that needs the agent’s attention.

  • Presence Status of an agent
  • Measuring the agent’s performance
  • Weekly/Monthly Reports

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After-Call Survey

An After-Call Survey is a service that allows your customer to provide feedback on their experience with your customer service and agent operators using the TeleVoIPs phone service. The survey feedback is used as a tool to recognize great customer service agents as well as to find points of improvement.

  • Quantifiable Results
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Results and Reporting

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