Call Stats


The TeleVoIPs call stats package provides an in-depth view of all inbound and outbound calls, organized by:


📞 date range

📞 time frame

📞 user

📞 extension

📞 team/queue

📞 internal vs. external status




For the sake of making an office in any industry more efficient, call stats help businesses:


📞 Understand their staffing needs by tracking call volume by time and day

📞 Compare call activity (calls made, answered, and missed) of all employees

📞 Track frequency and duration of Do Not Disturb for each user

📞 Prevent lost opportunities by receiving emails for all abandoned calls

📞 Know status of employees with real-time Do-Not-Disturb notifications*

A wide variety of visual call data serves to demonstrate the efficiency of certain teams, offices, or the entire company. TeleVoIPs’ call stats are easily accessed through the user portal, so you always have detailed reports at your fingertips, for use in presentations and ROI analyses. Granular search criteria allows for breaking down data to find exactly what you need, when you need it.


To see the TeleVoIPs call stats package in action, schedule your complimentary demo today.

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*Real-time DND notifications are available only for our line of Mitel phones