Enhanced 911 Address Update and Verification Form

TeleVoIPs, LLC will establish your E911 location based on the street address you provide during the provisioning process. Because Voice over IP (VoIP) can be a nomadic service, which means you can move your phone and it will work at another location, you will need to keep the E911 address up-to-date. Failure to change your E911 address if you move the phone may result in emergency services being dispatched to the wrong location.

To ensure we have your current address information on file for 911 emergency services, please complete and return this form to TeleVoIPs. For companies with phones located at multiple address locations, complete one form per location, and list the associated numbers with each physical address location.

Company Name:

Main Phone Number (for this location):




Zip Code:


If you have multiple locations, list extensions associated with the above address:



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