Switch To VoIP

Isn’t it time you made the switch from your legacy system? Join the revolution and benefit from the many features TeleVoIPs has to offer.

Making the switch to TeleVoIPs is painless and easy. Our experienced technicians work hard to ensure a seamless cutover. Below are a few key points that will make for a smooth transition.

  • A project manager will be assigned to your cut-over and he will handle all communications and scheduling of the installation, port process, and cut-over.
  • We deploy our phones in a side-by-side implementation for a seamless cut-over, while your employees test and familiarize themselves with the new phones and features.
  • TeleVoIPs will provide custom button configuration, training to your staff, and training on advanced call handling to your receptionists.
  • We will work closely with your onsite IT personnel or IT Vendor, to ensure all network equipment is properly configured for Voice over IP communications.

5 reasons to make the switch to VoIP (Voice over IP):

  1. Features – Dump the traditional copper lines and receive unlimited nationwide calling, no busy signals, CallerID, Call Tagging, Call Detail Reports, Hosted Auto Attendants, Priority Queues, and E911.
  2. Business Continuity – With no single point of failure, you can rest assured that you will have always on communications.
  3. Cost Savings
  4. Unified Communications – With today’s mobile workforce it is imperative to have a solution that encompasses all business communications. TeleVoIPs offers the Flash operator panel with built-in chat system, mobile app for Android and IPhone, video conferencing, and SMS-enabled phone numbers so your inter-office and customer communications are covered.
  5. Did I mention Features? Never miss a call – With Voicemail to email and FollowMe, you’ll never miss a Sales opportunity again.