• TeleVoIPs, a local business phone service provider, has ranked among USF’s Fast 56 for growing businesses for the third year in a row. By earning this achievement once again, TeleVoIPs has distinguished itself as one of the fastest-growing Bull-owned companies in the world.

  • “The Tampa tech community works hard to keep local businesses up and running, so we like to offer them a fun, relaxed space so they can connect with others in their industry while learning about VoIP. Business owners rely on their IT consultants to help them make important business decisions—what CRM system or data backup platform to use—and IT professionals feel like they have an extra tool in their tech bag when they can refer a great VoIP company to their clients.”

  • "This new partnership marks a shift in the VoIP industry that places focus on the people who rely on their phones to do business every day. As a result, local businesses will experience far less downtime and fewer service interruptions. Through TeleVoIPs’ and Phonism’s joint solution, businesses using VoIP in Tampa and across the United States will see their phone system changes made more efficiently than ever before."