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TeleVoIPs was able to cut our communications bill by 50% monthly!

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BlueGrace prides itself on being one of the most progressive, innovative, and best-in-class technology-driven transportation companies in the country, so it made perfect sense to up our telecommunications game by partnering with TeleVoIPs Hosted Voice. What TeleVoIPs brings to the table are leading-edge technologies, a customer-first approach, kid-glove treatment, and voice experts that pride themselves on making the user experience their number one priority. TeleVoIPs was also able to cut our communications bill by 50% monthly, enabling us to make significant IT-related investments to even further keep us on the pinnacle technologically speaking. We trust TeleVoIPs to manage our multi-state locations’ voice network and your business would be lucky to have them.

BlueGrace Logistics
BlueGrace has been expanding rapidly since 2009 when it was founded in Apollo Beach, FL with 24 employees. Now, with more than 500 employees in 15 nationwide locations, BlueGrace is one of the top third-party logistics companies in the United States. A company that relies on its phone to do the bulk of its business every day, BlueGrace benefits from our advanced call reporting options and robust set of features.

Highly recommend them for your business phone needs.

If you are looking for reliable phone service, TeleVoIPs is it. The technology and reliability has been great and their customer service and support team is phenomenal! From owner to tech, I always have the ability to reach out for answers. As my business grows, TeleVoIPs will be there with us every step of the way. I consider them an integral part of our team and I highly recommend them for your business phone needs.

Logistics Worldwide
A third-party logistics company out of Jacksonville, Logistics Worldwide specializes in domestic and international freight cargo with emphasis on delivering superior customer service. The company prides itself on using the very best software to carry out the very best transportation, and has quickly become a nationwide leader. Our phone system fits right in with the company’s cutting-edge technology.

We are loving the new features!

TeleVoIPs has been superb. Their customer service is great. The techs there respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help.

We had a 15-year-old phone system so I knew that we were skating on thin ice, but I was hesitant to go to VoIP. It has been less than a month with the new system from TeleVoIPs and we could not be happier. Calls are crisp and clear, and we are loving the new features like caller ID, call history, and the ability to have a contact list. The ease of changing messages when the office is closed for a holiday is one of my favorite features—it used to be such an impossible task—but now, our patients are kept up to date.

Allergy Associates
A Florida medical clinic consisting of 26 staff members, Allergy Associates is committed to providing high-quality, personal care to each of its patients. The practice’s head physician, a specialist in allergy and immunology, has been treating St. Pete patients since 1984. Allergy Associates needed to update their phone system, but weren’t certain about VoIP until making the switch to TeleVoIPs.

Awesome job implementing and managing our services.

TeleVoIPs is a great company to work with—we have about 20 locations with them now and they have done an awesome job implementing and managing our services, and the best part is that they have a great team of people that works there. They quickly get all questions or issues resolved. Keep up the good work TeleVoIPs!

Benzer Pharmacy
Launched in 2009, Benzer is a chain of pharmacies with emphasis on specialty medications and management for complex diseases. They’ve reached a new level of business continuity and communication as a result of our VoIP system.

We love our system!

Our move to TeleVoIPs hosted voice was recommended to us from a partner and current client. TeleVoIPs has helped streamline our telecommunication operations and connected all of our offices seamlessly. Unlike our old phone system, TeleVoIPs provides many features and flexibility – they will even make all our changes to call flow and extensions for us at no additional charge. The owners and staff are very pleasant to speak with no matter how many times you call them and always have an answer for you right away! We love our system, couldn’t have gone with a better company!

Southshore Cardiovascular Associates
A medical group with three Florida locations, Southshore provides personalized patient care through the latest cardiac interventions. Their team of highly skilled, experienced physicians and staff pride themselves on their commitment to excellent cardio treatment throughout Florida. They’ve benefitted from our HIPPA-compliant system and healthcare-related phone features.

Five-star-plus service!

TeleVoIPs has been exceptional from the first office to transition to the last. The team was highly knowledgeable of the product and very intuitive to our needs. I never felt under sold or oversold. The team provided the right tools and product. From owner to tech I always had the ability to reach out for answers. The ability to listen, track and refer back to the call exchanges has been second-to-none when dealing with angry or hostile patients. Our call volume was overwhelming and now manageable. As my group expands, TeleVoIPs will be there with us every step of the way. Thank you for being our outstanding and long-term business partner.

Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay
Orthopaedic Medical Group strives to improve its patients’ mobility and provide freedom from pain in all six of its Florida locations. The group has been growing rapidly, and wished to continue doing so while maintaining their values and vision. Unfortunately, a lacking communication system was holding them back.

The transition was seamless.

We were customers of RingCentral. Not only do we have better, dedicated service from TeleVoIPs, but the transition was seamless and the phone setup was completed by their staff onsite. I used to handle all of the changes to the phone tree and phones, but now my team just sends an email to TeleVoIPs and whatever change is needed, it’s done that day. The most impressive difference is we no longer have a lag when we transfer calls. I would recommend TeleVoIPs to any RingCentral customer especially if you are the person who handles the phones for your company.

A trusted multi-site real estate advisor, Hybridge provides custom brokerage services including asset management and site development throughout Florida. TeleVoIPs’ personalized service was a big change from their previous big-name provider.

Phones were inexpensive and have every feature.

Our firm recently switched to TeleVoIPs and we couldn’t be happier with the service. The phones were inexpensive and have every feature that we could possibly need. The lines are cheaper than we were paying with AT&T. During the setup process, the entire staff at TeleVoIPs made themselves available immediately. We have offices in multiple counties and this system allows us to transfer a call to a different office as easy as it is within the same office. For the service it provides, TeleVoIPs is extremely reasonable. Any business who is unhappy with their phone system should switch to TeleVoIPs ASAP.

Falk & Falk Law Firm
Falk & Falk is dedicated to helping accident and injury victims, and emphasizes personal relationships with their clients. They’ve benefited from the cost-effectiveness and multi-location continuity of our VoIP system.

We felt completely confident.

TeleVoIPs’ voice over IP system seemed like the perfect solution. We felt completely confident with Steve Cox leading the charge, and even more comfortable once we started working with Grant and his team. Without TeleVoIPs I could not have continued to run the firm and support Mr. Gallo for the time I lived in Missouri. Even now I work part time in the office and part time from my home.

Valrico Law Group
A legal group that puts client interests at the forefront of the firm, Valrico Law has grown so quickly that it merited a name change. Formerly Gallo Farren Law, the firm has added two attorneys, a paralegal, and several part-time employees since becoming TeleVoIPs clients. When disaster struck, TeleVoIPs customized their communication system to work for them. Read the Valrico Law case study for details.

The training and customer service have been second to none.

Brandon Legal Group, P.A. adopted the TeleVoIPs platform during the fourth quarter 2015. It has been the best decision possible for the integration of our growing and sprawling network of offices. Our offices can operate as if they are within the same building. The training and customer service have been second to none as well!

Brandon Legal Group
With five Florida locations, Brandon Legal practices family law, business law, criminal defense, and estate planning. Because the group was expanding so rapidly, it needed a comprehensive business continuity solution when it came to their phone system.

Great phone system and great support.

During the hurricane in Florida many businesses lost phone service and power. Hawkins Service Co. was no exception. We lost power and internet for days. TeleVoIPs had set us up from the beginning with a backup cellular modem. After connecting our portable generator, our phones were up and running in minutes. Thanks to the foresight from TeleVoIPs and their outstanding support we didn’t miss any phone calls or business. On top of this, had things been much worse and our business had to close, TeleVoIPs’ phones will work anywhere you have an internet connection. Great phone system and great support.

Hawkins Service Company
A full-service Tampa-based electric company, Hawkins provides both residential and commercial A/C, heating, electrical, and pool service and repair. TeleVoIPs provides the backup and failover to ensure their phones stay up even when power is down, and they’re busier than ever.

No lease, no contract!

I switched to TeleVoIPs about a year ago and am so happy I did for my business. The technology and reliability have been great. I can even use their app to make phone calls from my cell without giving out my number (it shows my business number). Highly recommend switching from old-school dial tone. No lease, no contract!

Auto Works of Brandon
Offering auto service and repairs in the Tampa suburbs, Auto Works is dedicated to uncompromising customer service. Striving to provide quality service in a timely manner, at a competitive price, they needed to update to a more flexible phone system with on-the-go options.

The service team is super responsive!

TeleVoIPs promised us great phone service and they continue to deliver! We transitioned to their service in April of 2015 and have been thrilled with both the phone service itself and the ongoing support they provide. The service team is super responsive and always delivers results in a timely fashion. We highly recommend TeleVoIPs if you’re looking to bring your phone system into the 21st century.

Rogan & Associates
Rogan & Associates builds personal relationships to help its clients grow toward their financial goals. They needed a new-age system to keep up with their growing client base.

A breeze to work with!

Grant and his team have been a breeze to work with! The integration with our CRM Hawksoft for screen pops has proven to be a valuable tool. The team at TeleVoIPs seamlessly transitioned us from our prior provider and I would recommend them highly!

Chris Black Insurance
Chris Black was founded in 2008 to provide business and personal insurance in an ever-changing industry climate and since has expanded to three locations. Designing individualized solutions for its clients, the staff needed easy access to their CRM data while on the phone with clients.

Friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive.

We recently switched to TeleVoIPs’ service and we couldn’t be any happier. We switched from Samsung phones to Mitel and absolutely love them. The features and capabilities on the phone system are endless. The connection has been reliable and stable. The customer service and support has been SUPERB. They are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. We are so happy we to be working with them. Thank you!

Women’s Center of Jacksonville
The Women’s Center improves the lives of women through advocacy, support, education, and recovery services throughout Duval, Nassau and Baker counties. Upgrading their hardware and software, the nonprofit has benefitted from improved reliability and added features.