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Superior Customer Service

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The TeleVoIPs Difference

Your business communications deserve better. Unlike other nationwide providers, TeleVoIPs has listened to its clients and created an all covered, managed solution. You don’t need to be a telecom or VoIP expert. We’ll work with you to learn about your existing telecom infrastructure, understand your telecom needs, and tailor the configuration of your phone system. In most cases, we can set-up and deploy your hosted voice system within a day. No more responsibility for hardware, software, and maintenance for your business—we take care of it all. So you can sit back, relax, and focus your attention on more important business matters.

TeleVoIPs provides onsite demonstrations, a project manager that will handle the transition, port process, cutover, as well as full tech support. Full Tech Support means that you can focus on running your business rather than managing your phone tree and call flow. Our TeleVoIPs techs handle all your change requests 24/7: phone provisioning, call flow, name changes, and Network Quality of Service (QoS) configuration.

Hosted Voice

Break the chains of the traditional onsite PBX systems. Hosted Voice is where your call platform and PBX features are hosted by the VoIP provider, which manages calls and routes them to and from the subscriber’s existing telephony system and equipment. Business end users connect via IP (Internet) to the provider for voice service. It’s far less costly than purchasing and setting-up an onsite-PBX system, and hosted voice systems are full of valuable features like call waiting, call routing, conference calls, voicemail to email, on-hold music, and more.



Business Continuity

Moving to Hosted Voice with TeleVoIPs ensures always on communication services. Gone are the days of depending on a single strand of copper wire for your entire business communications. Your business will never miss an opportunity or any client communication. Hosted Voice is scalable to your company’s growing needs, without downtime or anyone noticing that changes have been made. It’s as easy as connecting your SIP-enabled phone to the network and adjusting software settings, or as simple as plug and play with a certified VoIP phone.

Numbers on Demand

Need a new number? TeleVoIPs has you covered.

Our TeleVoIPs portal connects our clients to real-time number availability and number selection.  Our clients can quickly provision new numbers for remote employees, new offices, and sales and marketing material.

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