Take better care of your customers and communicate better with your employees.

Our virtual switchboard was designed to improve customer service and give management a better handle on company call flow, all from your web browser.

Ensure your customer’s standards are always met with advanced control features for receptionists and management:
  • Manage all calls from your web browser
  • View the status of every extension and agent
  • Transfer calls to chosen extension, voicemail, or external numbers
  • View and manage parked calls
  • Filter and search by extension
  • Access CRM data with screen pops
  • Manage agents (add, remove, pause)
  • Time calls in queue
Train new customer service and sales representatives more effectively:
  • Monitor agent activity in real time
  • Record and play back calls
  • Coach new representatives using the whisper tool
  • Join calls using the barge tool
  • Measure progress using the listen-in feature
Measure and improve call performance with the Live Agent Leaderboard: 
  • Quickly analyze call center agent performance at a glance
  • Easily sort inbound and outbound talk time leaders and low performers with adjustable fields
  • Monitor agent status as well as hold time, pause time, and timestamp of last call
  • Refresh data daily to encourage goal setting and achievement
  • Enhance productivity and increase phone call ROI

*Live Agent Leaderboard requires subscription to Advanced Call Statistics

Virtual Switchboard Presence Status & Presence Reporting

Through the Virtual Switchboard, call center agents control and set their status using the customizable presence drop-down menu, and managers can see real-time call activity including active queue calls, wait times, call durations, and the agents’ statuses. This feature is great for call centers that have multiple users whose goal is to satisfy customers and provide great customer service.

How does this work?

As an agent sets their status using the presence menu, the presence data is collected in TeleVoIPs Call Center Stats where the duration and count is recorded. This allows call center managers to report on the agent’s presence status over time and receive weekly or monthly reports on what status their agents are spending their time in.

Presence status and Presence Reporting are features built in to TeleVoIPs Virtual Switchboard and Call Center Stats. The features provide a beneficial and effortless way to check on agents quickly if you need any assistance or have a customer on hold that needs the agent’s attention. Additionally, it provides insight to an agent’s time utilization and could provide additional guidance for hiring needs.

Here are examples of how you can check the status of the agent. By hovering over the color-coded icons, you can see what presence status the agent is currently in.


To measure the agent’s performance, you can check out the Presence Reporting feature located in Call Center Stats which shows all the details of your agents’ activity. You can filter out the report in different date ranges from last week or the last 48 hours of the shift. As shown in the table below, all the categories are visible in one Excel report that displays the name of the agents, total minutes in the given status, and total counts of the status used.

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