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Text Messaging

SMS & MMS Messaging for Business

Never miss an opportunity. Reach your clients and prospects wherever they are.


Business Text Messaging

  • Never miss a message from clients or prospects
  • Send SMS messages from your business number
  • Use our mobile app, portal, or your email to manage text messages

Mass Messaging

  • Reach a larger number of your clients at once
  • Send a mass reminder, alert, or update
  • Use our portal to upload your CSV file, write, and send out your blast
  • Integrate with your CRM system to send custom appointment reminders

Advanced Messaging Features

  • Scheduled Messages: Allows you to schedule messages to be sent up to 6 months in the future.
  • Message Templates: Create up to 25 message templates to quickly send messages to your clients.
  • SMS Tags: Built in SMS Tags allow you to customize your messages based on contact info you have stored for your clients.
  • Message Tracking: Know who in your company is sending messages when multiple employees are on a single message thread.
  • SMS Admin Role: Allow select employees to review all SMS messages sent and received within your company.
  • SMS Reporting: view reports from our TeleVoIPs portal and track SMS statistics by selecting the date and time. Review total number of texts received, scheduled, failed, and sent with outbound and inbound calls.
  • SMS Auto Replies: Automatic text will help you schedule messages, auto message reply, confirm receipt of messages or provide further instructions. This feature is especially beneficial for medical offices and call centers.



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