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TeleVoIPs Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Basics


How is VoIP different from my traditional phone provider?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) routes your phone service through your internet rather than copper wires like traditional providers. This means VoIP service is more cost effective and offers significanatly wider selection of business features than traditional phone service does.

How fast does my Internet have to be?

TeleVoIPs can accommodate just about any and every high-speed internet provider.

What is a “cloud-based platform”?

The TeleVoIPs cloud is the software that runs in our data centers using the internet. Essentially, it’s virtual storage and phone service.

How secure is VoIP?

Our VoIP phones are password protected, and the server which provides your TeleVoIPs uses a firewall to grant or deny access by IP address. Our service is HIPPA compliant and VoIP gives users the option to encrypt entire conversations if needed.

TeleVoIPs Plan Basics


How many lines and numbers can I have?

TeleVoIPs service means you can purchase an unlimited number of lines, numbers, and extensions.

Does TeleVoIPs require a contract for service?

Never. You’re welcome to use our service on a month-to-month basis, and if you love us, an annual contract will allow you even lower per-extension pricing.

Can I keep my current business phone number?

Absolutely. We can make just about any number TeleVoIPs friendly.

What happens if I lose internet or electricity?

When you sign up for TeleVoIPs service, we’ll set up automatic failover measures so that in the event of power or internet loss, calls will be sent to your cell, a third-party answering service, an alternate location or a virtual receptionist. See our Disaster Recovery Plan for full details.

What are the support hours?

TeleVoIPs support makes routines phone system changes between 8 am and 6 pm and offers 24/7 emergency customer support.

How many minutes are included with my TeleVoIPs service?

Your service includes unlimited minutes in the lower 48 states.

Do you offer toll-free numbers?

Yes. We offer both 800 and 844 toll-free numbers.

Can I make international calls or work internationally?

Absolutely. We support international calling, and our mobile app will allow you to make and receive business calls anywhere.

I’m moving my business. What do I need to do?

Call us in advance at (800) 249-1771 or email [email protected]. Our service is available anywhere, but we’ll need to know the "when and where" of your move.



What features are included?

Our list of included features is extensive. Your regularly monthly TeleVoIPs service includes voicemail-to-email transcription, call park, call block, caller-ID, call queues, call transfer, an auto-attendant, 3-way conferencing, password protection, dial-by-extension, Do Not Disturb, and a mobile app that allows you to take your business anywhere. See the rest of our included features here.

Add-on features include advanced call statistics, call recordings, SMS messaging, the TeleVoIPs virtual switchboard, and conference bridge.

Can I still send and receive faxes?

Yes. We support e-faxing, traditional faxing, and provide fax-to-email as well as email-to-fax.

Can I record calls?

Yes. TeleVoIPs can set up certain kinds of calls to be recorded, or you can manage them yourself using our Virtual Switchboard.

Can I make conference calls?

Yes. Our Conference Bridge grants every user within your system access to a conference room using a PIN number.

Does TeleVoIPs service include 911?

Absolutely. You’ll fill out the forms for your businesses location to be registered here.

Setup & Installation


How long will the setup and installation process take?

We like to allow for a 30-day window, but the process can often be completed sooner.

How do I transfer my current number to TeleVoIPs service?

We handle the process for you—you’ll just have to authorize us to do so using our LOA form. You’ll receive an email confirmation once we’ve received them. Simply keep your existing service on until we’ve finished setting up your system completely!

Will my phones be down during the transition?

No. When transitioning, your calls will move directly from your old system to your new TeleVoIPs system once we’ve activated your numbers.

Pricing & Billing


What does TeleVoIPs monthly pricing include?

Your monthly price includes our service, features, and full support from our knowledgeable techs. Phone hardware and installation are priced separately with financing options available for $0 down.

Where can I view my billing invoice?

Log in to your TeleVoIPs Billing Portal then click on “Invoice.”

Will I receive a paper invoice?

In an effort to be more earth-friendly, TeleVoIPs doesn’t provide paper bills except under special circumstances. Invoices are emailed and are also available for easy access in your Billing Portal. Invoices are available the day following your normal billing date.

I have questions about my billing information or invoice, who do I contact?

Call our Billing Department at (813) 655-5100 or email us at [email protected]

Can I cancel my service?

Yes, if you use TeleVoIPs on a month-to-month plan, and you’re not completely satisfied with your service, simply send your 30-day notice to [email protected].

For contracts, you’ll need to fulfill the remaining terms of your contract or will be billed for the remaining months of service left to satisfy your contract term. Please see the TeleVoIPs Terms of Service (https://televoips.com/legal/) for detailed information or contact billing at (813) 655-5100 option 3 or [email protected].

Do you honor tax exemptions?

Yes. You’ll just need to provide TeleVoIPs Accounting ([email protected]) with your tax-exempt certificates.

Questions not on this list?

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