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TeleVoIPs provides a number of failover processes to ensure our clients never miss a call, even in the event of a disaster.

Here’s how we make sure your phone service is always on:

Automatic Failover

Our servers automatically detect when your office loses internet or power and forward calls accordingly. If you have a backup Internet connection (or 4G router), automatic failover would provide a seamless transition from one ISP to another. TeleVoIPs can ring cell phones, alternate offices, softphones, or remote phones based on your preferred strategy.

Time Conditions and Call-Flow Toggle

The ability to control call flow based on time conditions comes in handy for offices with regular hours but is even more critical in the event of an emergency. Based on a set time and date, calls will be sent automatically to an after-hours message, an answering service, a voicemail message, or another phone. With our one-touch call-flow toggle buttons, a disaster plan can be activated immediately.

Mobile App

When employees need to travel out of town at the drop of a hat, the ability to work from anywhere is essential. The TeleVoIPs app allows for using the full functionality of your business phone system from your cell phone.

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Our Redundancy

The TeleVoIPs platform is built upon a high available network of clustered environments with no single point of failure. Meaning, we have multiple ways of ensuring every part of our system is always up. Our geographically separate data centers replicate traffic in real time so that they can seamlessly failover from one to another with no change for end users.

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