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Why Toll-free Redundancy?

TeleVoIPs clients can take comfort in knowing they won’t miss a single high-value toll-free call – even in an emergency – thanks to our Toll-free Redundancy solution.

Toll-free redundancy is a best-in-class comprehensive disaster recovery solution designed to ensure all high-value U.S. toll-free calls are received. The first-of-its-kind feature goes beyond the standard 5x carrier redundancy and protects traffic in case of core disruptions. It offers alternative routing that is fully insulated from the core networks to protect against any extraordinary disruption such as a fire, natural disaster, or cyberattack.


  • Toll-free traffic is protected against worst-case scenarios
  • Your disruption recovery is completely hands-off
  • Highly monitored and managed

With Toll-free redundancy, TeleVoIPs clients get peace of mind knowing their toll-free numbers will work even in a catastrophic situation.

Sixty-eight percent of customers still prefer to make a phone call when they need help.

A network outage could leave customers in the dark and put your toll-free team in firefighting mode. With Toll-free redundancy, calls are monitored and rerouted to the right network with a highly resilient, 5x-redundant toll-free element.  This results in a better customer experience, especially for businesses and organizations handling medical/healthcare concerns, credit card disputes, or home-disaster solutions.

If receiving toll-free calls is an important part of your business model, consider utilizing Toll-free redundancy, and never miss a high-value toll-free call – even in times of uncertainty.

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