Advanced Call Statistics

Need specific data on the activity in your call center or hunt groups? Our advanced call statistics platform provides in-depth reporting on everything that happens in your phone system.

Why upgrade to advanced call stats?:

Advanced call stats is a single pane of glass for measuring the performance of agents against each other, comparing the overall efficiency and productivity between departments and users. This platform allows for automating and exporting data as well as API access for integrations with other software.

Report and analyze data for:

  • Call volume and duration by agent or queue
  • Abandoned calls (with real-time alerts)
  • Missed versus answered calls in a queue
  • Hold and wait times
  • Call distribution per day, week, month, hour
  • Agent session times
  • Pause or Do-Not-Disturb durations
  • Service call thresholds (SLA adherence)
  • Disconnect causes (whether agent or caller hung up first)
  • Custom types of calls

Integrate with our Virtual Switchboard to:

  • Add and remove agents from queues
  • Pause agents when they’re out of office or unavailable
  • Tag calls in real-time to report on them later
  • View call performance data in real-time with our Live Agent Leaderboard

Customize your reports: 

Export any data from our advanced call statistics into an Excel spreadsheet to file for later or import to your CRM.

Want to automate the exact data you want, direct to your inbox? Our development team will build the report you’re looking for and email your data hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, exactly when you want it.

See our call stats platform in action—schedule a demo!

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