Communicate Effectively, From Anywhere

TeleVoIPs is devoted to providing top-notch business communications no matter where you’re working from.

We provide integrated solutions to make sure working from home is seamless.

Softphone Mobile App


Our softphone mobile app directly ties your extension to your cell phone so you can easily make and take business calls using your office’s phone number and caller-ID. Transfer or park callers just as though you were in the office. See who’s on the phone and who’s not, check call history, access voicemail, and handle text messages without ever needing a desk phone.

Our softphone is available for iPhone, Android, or for use in your web browser on a computer.

Home Phones


TeleVoIPs doesn’t just install phones in your main office locations—we are happy to help you and your team with setting up desk phones in your home offices and require only a high-speed internet connection—no fancy equipment or landlines needed! We offer WiFi deskphones for added convenience, just in case the space you work isn’t near where your ethernet or router are located.

Conference Bridges

Keep your whole team connected no matter where you are. Our conference bridge services offer dedicated, pin-secured lines for hosting meetings both small and large.

Management Tools

Managing a team is a challenge even when you’re in the same space as your staff. When everyone is working remotely, it can be particularly difficult to keep up with how your team is performing. Our Virtual Switchboard provides a high level of visibility with regard to who is on the phone, when, and with whom, as well as who is using Do-Not-Disturb. Call statistics offer detailed reporting to demonstrate trends, talk time, calls made and answered, by employee or by hunt group to make managing your team just a little more transparent.

Multi-Location Integration

The TeleVoIPs platform ensures that your business can communicate on one integrated, interconnected phone system no matter how many locations or home offices you operate from. You’ll have the same easy access to share a parking lot with your teammates, directly transfer calls, dial by name, and see who is available as if you were all in the same location.


Looking for a phone system that integrates all of your remote staff into one cohesive platform? Let us know how we can help!

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