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Highly reliable business phone service so you’ll be there when your clients need you most.

Business Phone Service Features for the Insurance Industry

We provide custom VoIP solutions designed to streamline your communication.

Fully-Integrated Mobile App

Employees in the field can use all the functionality of the TeleVoIPs platform on iOS and Android.

Appointment Reminders

Easily send clients reminders for upcoming service appointments.

Voicemail-to-Email Transcription

Read voicemails on the go from your email inbox.

Call Stats

Track inbound and outbound call frequency and duration.

CRM Integration

Connect with your web-based management system to enable screen pops and seamless contact or ticket creation.

Queue Callback

Allow customers to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold, without losing their place in line.


Why TeleVoIPs?

We’ve worked hard to perfect the advanced features we designed for those in the services industry, but what we’re most proud of is our service-focused approach. From start to finish, we strive to provide white-glove service, to know you on a first-name basis, and to be there for your business every step of the way. Our clients know that makes all the difference.

The Proof

See how TeleVoIPs helped Seibert Insurance transition from an unreliable, inconsistent provider to improve their customer and employee experiences.


What Our Insurance Clients Are Saying About Us


  • "TeleVoIPs has offered our company the ability to serve our clients 24/7 regardless of time or location. Their Voice over IP service allows employees to be flexible in their schedule and where they work from. TeleVoIPs allows us to be able to work remotely while always giving the client the impression that we’re in the office. Their app even allows our clients to text us, which they love. The TeleVoIPs team has been A+ in the service they provide, handling any concerns in a quick timely manner should they ever arise."
    Oracle Insurance
  • "I switched my company's voice service to TeleVoIPs years ago and would highly recommend them. They cut my traditional landline bill in half and provide great customer service. We always get a live representative when calling in. The mobile app has also helped immensely by giving us the ability to review the call history and make outbound calls directly from our cell phones. I only wish I would have switched over to TeleVoIPs sooner."
    Paul James Insurance
  • "Our office recently made the switch to TeleVoIPs and couldn't be happier with our experience. We've previously had an unpleasant experience with another company and were dreading changing phone systems again, but Grant, Nicole, Connor and the TeleVoIPs team made the whole experience seamless. No downtime. No hassles. Everything was perfect. I would highly recommend TeleVoIPs to anyone looking to change phone service providers."
    Seibert Insurance Agency