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Connecting a Mobile Workforce

What is TeleVoIPs Wireless?

TeleVoIPs Wireless is a true mobility product made for businesses that have employees on the go. There are no apps required, TeleVoIPs wireless is delivered via traditional SIM or eSIM and simulates your business identity on your personal or company issued Cellular mobile device. TeleVoIPs Wireless has multiple data plans to choose from and can replace your existing Wireless provider for complete integrated service.

More than just an APP

TeleVoIPs Wireless is a complete solution and does not require the TeleVoIPs Mobile app. TeleVoIPs integrates natively into your mobile device dialer and Text messaging app to seamlessly provide connectivity for Data, Voice, and SMS. This solution is ideal for Field Technicians and on the go employees. We service 209 countries worldwide and 30+ countries are included in our roaming plans.

How to use TeleVoIPs Wireless?

Replacing a traditional Mobile carrier with TeleVoIPs Wireless is easy, once your phone numbers are ported your field technicians will use the new service just like the did before with TeleVoIPs added features and visibility. An incoming call can now ring a cell phone, desk phone, and have custom call flow for time of day routing. Calls can be transferred to other internal departments with ease.  Calls can be recorded and reported on in the TeleVoIPs Call Center Analytics Portal. SMS communication can be recorded and responded to form the mobile device or the TeleVoIPs portal and API for automation and responses. TeleVoIPs wireless provides true mobility for field technicians and provides an all in one solution for businesses of all sizes. Our BYOD model supports a wide range of supported devices.

Why Choose TeleVoIPs Wireless?

Office and in the field employees can now use a single platform for communication. TeleVoIPs Wireless gives businesses the insights they need for their on the go employees. With TeleVoIPs Wireless any mobile device becomes an extension of the TeleVoIPs platform, Call analytics, call data, SMS data are all in one reporting interface. Using TeleVoIPs for both your office and Mobility needs will further reduce your telecom costs and give your team the tools it needs to succeed.

At TeleVoIPs, we understand the significance of keeping your mobile and on-the-move workforce seamlessly connected. Whether your employees are in the field, at a store, or providing essential services, staying connected is crucial. That’s why we introduce TeleVoIPs Wireless– a solution to revolutionize mobile communications for your frontline workers.

TeleVoIPs Wireless Advantages:

  • BYOD Business Readiness: Embeds a secure business line in personal phones, reducing the need for company-provided mobile phones.
  • Dual Personas: Separates business from personal communications.
  • No Apps Needed: Utilizes native phone dialer for the best quality calling experience.
  • Compliance: Recording of mobile business communications when regulations or quality assurance require it.
  • Fast, Simple Installation: This can be done remotely in minutes anywhere using an eSIM with easy QR code provisioning.
  • Enables calling functionalities such as Conference, Hold, and other essential business features with ease and intuitive operation.
  • Use your personal phone but with your business company and caller ID.
  • Advanced calling functionalities are seamlessly accessible on every mobile device.
  • Effortless integration with Workforce Optimization, CRM, and various customer engagement systems.
  • Straightforward identity management ensures that business calls reflect the corporate identity, while personal calls remain private.
  • Centralized recording, monitoring, and archiving capabilities to enforce comprehensive compliance controls.

Join the Communication Revolution!

Frontline workers are the backbone of many businesses, and ensuring they are well-connected is not just beneficial; it’s essential. By embracing innovative solutions like TeleVoIPs Wireless, organizations can empower these workers, boost productivity, and enhance customer service.

TeleVoIPs provides multiple service options.
  • Secondary SIM Card – Use this plan on a personal phone with a business identity.
  • Primary SIM – Replace your current Wireless provider and subscribe to one of our Data Plans

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