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What is an After-Call Survey?

An After Call Survey is a service that allows your customer to provide feedback on their experience with your customer service and agent operators using the TeleVoIPs phone service. At the end of every inbound call, the customer is transferred to a customizable announcement to fit the needs of your company’s feedback requirements. Typically, the announcement would read, “to provide feedback of your experience today please stay on the line (short Pause). On a scale from 1 – 5 how would you rate your overall experience today?” but is completely customizable using TeleVoIPs Business Phone service. The customer can then provide feedback on their experience and based on their response, a message will be played, and the customer can even be given an option to leave a recording to further detail their experience. This response is then emailed immediately with a transcription of the call recording, the customer rating, and the agent’s extension that they last spoke to.

Why implement an After Call Survey with TeleVoIPs?

The After Call Survey feature is used to measure the customer experience and quality of service delivered. The survey feedback is used as a tool to recognize great customer service agents as well as finding points of improvement. When a customer is given an opportunity to provide feedback it creates the opportunity for management to handle a negative issue before it escalates to a point of customer dissatisfaction, ultimately leading to a positive customer experience and resolution. Rather than department managers spot checking calls, the after-call survey will provide real-time feedback for a more efficient method of quality assurance.

Quantifiable Results

The After-Call Survey is a great way to collect customers feedback about the perception of a brand using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS measures customers loyalty to a company by posing questions to customers to help calculate the Customer Satisfaction Score which is a commonly used metric that acts as a key performance indicator for customer service and product quality.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

The After-Call Survey feature helps organizations address any remaining problems the customer has and build retention with loyal customers. The key focus is to steer negative feedback away from social media or Google reviews to give customers the great customer service they need.

Results and Reporting

When using the After-Call Survey feature, department managers will receive weekly and monthly report totals in addition to real-time email feedback. This data will provide an overview of the team and can be used to recognize star performers in the organization as well as needs for improvement and coaching.

In Summary, After-Call Surveys help to improve the overall performance at that touchpoint. It highlights the key factors of an organization’s goal to provide great customer satisfaction and find areas for improvement to coach and train agents for future superior performance.

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