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2018’s Biggest IT Challenge—Doing More This Year

Doing Less to Accomplish More

As we move further into 2018, IT companies are setting their biggest goals yet in terms of onboarding new clients and growing revenue. The rapid development of new tech is making this all seem so attainable, but realistically, putting more on your plate can mean losing focus on what matters most. Letting experts oversee some of your more specialized service offerings, like telephony, can be the key to success, the key to doing more in the new year.

Before TeleVoIPs specialized in telecommunications, we were an IT company, and in a lot of ways, we still function like an MSP when it comes to providing all-covered client care, and operating on a day-to-day basis. We’re all trying to do more in the new year, IT companies perhaps more than anyone else—providing a wider variety of service offerings, adopting new technology, onboarding new clients, and growing their tech teams.

Focusing on Your Clients & Their Networks

No matter how many new clients you onboard, how many services you can offer them, you aren’t doing your job well if you can’t prioritize your clients’ networks. MSPs deal with a much larger variation in client type than most professions—you’ve got doctor’s offices, law firms, CPAs, construction companies, and just about any other industry under the sun relying on you to customize their network. Every new client comes to you with their  own industry software that requires additional education on your part. In order to give your clients more, and keep them running optimally, you’ve got to focus on their network, and sometimes that means putting aside the projects (like VoIP build outs) you’ve been meaning to do to offer more in the way of services. In honor of doing less to accomplish more, and this can be a scary initial thought for a lot of MSP’s CEOs or CIOs, turning to a tech partner to unload a difficult task sometimes makes more sense. A number of our IT partners used to provide their own VoIP service to their clients. Here’s why it didn’t work, and why they turned to TeleVoIPs to collaborate:

-For a talented IT company, providing some kind of VoIP service might not be too time consuming. Providing high-quality VoIP service is.

-When an MSP provides lackluster phone service, their clients’ trust wavers.

– Oftentimes, the time and resources spent training an entire team on VoIP service and management result in a less-than-desirable ROI.

-A VoIP partner has the expertise to provide the business bells and whistles an MSP generally doesn’t have the time to build out, and offers everything from CRM integration, to a Virtual Switchboard, to custom call stats, to an integrated mobile app. Your clients need a flexible, customizable phone system, and that takes investing time, money, and a great deal of know-how to perfect.

We don’t mean to say you aren’t capable of VoIP. What we do mean to say, is that providing VoIP as a part of your managed services is going to take up a lot of room on your plate, potentially too much, and pull focus away from your priorities. Providing versatile options (that your versatile clients request) in a VoIP platform occupies major time and resources, and if you’re willing to invest those, we’re excited for you (we obviously think telephony is a worthwhile service offering). But it simply didn’t make sense for us to do both IT and telephony at the same time. If it doesn’t make sense for you either, a partnership will allow you the room on your plate to accomplish so much more for your clients.

Choosing a Partner You Can Trust

So maybe now you’re a bit more open minded to a partnership with true VoIP experts, but choosing one can be a challenge. Finding a great VoIP partner means finding a truly educated team who’s willing to work closely with you and your with your client. You need a telecommunications partner that is willing to educate your client on options they (and maybe even you) didn’t know were possible.

Unfortunately, referring the wrong company can be detrimental to your reputation, so taking the time to vet partners and find someone you can trust, someone who will take care of your client just as you would, is an absolute must. If you’re interested in learning more about a VoIP partnership with a team that will work with you, let us know.

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