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6 Tech-Based Tips for Improved Client Communication

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According to Forbes, “Warren Buffet once told a class of business students that better communication could boost their value by fifty percent.” Strong client communication is at the heart of business growth, and somehow, it’s a skill that both new grads and seasoned execs continue to lack. Some argue that the tech age has dismantled this essential skill, but if you can leverage communication technology in your business’ favor, you’ll be far ahead of the critics. When it comes to client-directed communication, competence and clarity make the difference between sale and no sale, branding, and client satisfaction. Fifty percent of your company’s value is too significant to ignore, so we’ve put together our top 6 tips to help you boost client communication.

1. Use technology as a platform for human connection.

Your CRM auto-emails, virtual receptionist, or cloud system should never be used to replace your direct contact with your clients. Rather, your advanced technology should be the means by which you personally contact and communicate with your clients. Ensure you never leave a gap in the communication circle by using your CRM system to remind you to follow up, or to schedule emails in advance. Use a virtual receptionist to effectively transfer calls to the correct live contact for a client’s given inquiry, or manage an entire office’s client communication from a bird’s eye view with a virtual switchboard.

2. Get to know your clients better.

Whether your “audience” is one potential client on the other end of the phone, or a group of 500 that you’re speaking to, you should understand their background. In order to empathize with your audience’s pain points, you need access to their story. By integrating your CRM data with your phone system, you’ll have instant access to your client data while you’re on the phone with them in order to avoid asking repetitive questions and wasting their time. Use detailed reports to stay informed on your clients’ call history or your employees’ call records.

3. Meet your clients on their terms.Person Holding Smartphone Taking Picture of Bridge during Daytime

Not all of your clients will be tech-savvy millennial Instagrammers. Know your average client, as well as your outliers, and identify which platforms given groups of clients will be most comfortable communicating on. Then, be sure to use that means of communication to convey a focused message—be clear, eloquent, and accurate. Without tact and appropriate tone, it’ll be challenging to build trust.

4. Choose tech quality over quantity.

Be mindful of the fact that implementing more technology, or even more advanced technology, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll create a better client communication process. Rather, implement the products that will make a direct positive impact on the way you communicate daily. What’s the primary means by which you communicate with your clients and potential clients? Begin there.

5. Invest in top-notch hardware.

You won’t regret it. Just like a poor-quality Skype call can put a real damper on your video call with your Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob in Maine, a phone call or video conference with lacking voice or picture quality can mean the loss of a sale. Choose a top-notch system to avoid glitches that could kill your communication.

6. Choose reliable service above all else.

Your ability to communicate with your clients on any tech-based platform relies on your providers—your Internet provider, your phone service, your cloud host. Without a trustworthy service provider, you’ll be missing calls, which inevitably results in missed opportunities. Always-on service will allow you to focus on the content of your communication, not on issues with your communication provider. Ready to switch to a more trustworthy phone service provider? Let’s talk.




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