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A Quick Guide to Sending Mass Texts From Your Business Phone Number

Text messaging isn’t just an easy way to connect with friends – it’s also a powerful marketing tool for businesses. According to Gartner, business SMS open rates are 98%, and the response rate could be as high as 45%. (1) Compared with email open and response rates – only 20% and 6%, respectively – text messages are a clear winner for businesses seeking a scalable, automated, and highly-engaging marketing method.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what business SMS options are available, how to send mass text messages to customers correctly, and how TeleVoIPs makes mass messaging easy.

What Are the Different Business SMS Options?

Once you’ve decided to engage with your customers through SMS, you’ll be faced with a few different messaging product options: short code, 10DLC, and toll-free. 

Short Code

Short code text messages are often 5- to 6-digit numbers. As the first application-to-person (A2P) messaging option, customers easily recognize these numbers as being sent from a business. While they’re most often used for one-way communication, they can also accommodate limited two-way conversations initiated by a keyword, like when you’re asked to confirm an appointment by replying “YES” or “NO.”


10-digit long codes, or 10DLC, are business text messages sent from local phone numbers. Companies must be carrier-approved in addition to registering their brands and campaigns before using A2P 10DLC. These text messages are ideal for personalized interactions since this option supports two-way communication with your customers.


Toll-free numbers are ten-digit phone numbers with an 8XX prefix (e.g., 800 or 888). Businesses typically use these numbers to send mass text messages quickly. These numbers can also be voice-enabled to allow customers to escalate to a phone call from the message.

Send Mass Text Messages to Customers the Right Way

When starting your text marketing campaign, it’s wise to consider the volume of messages you’ll be sending. You can send mass text messages to your customers using short code, 10DLC, and toll-free numbers alike, but you should consider factors like cost and user experience before deciding which to use.

Another consideration is which service provider you’ll use to send mass text messaging campaigns. A business SMS messaging service is required to send bulk messages to customers, and while “free” mass texting services are available, they aren’t a reliable option for businesses.

Some of the risks of using free messaging services include:

  • Non-compliance with privacy and data protection regulations
  • A lack of customization and personalization features
  • Unreliable deliverability resulting in messages never being received

Avoid these issues by working with a trustworthy business SMS provider. The right provider will offer a secure, easy-to-manage, and reliable business messaging platform so that you can start growing your business with effective text campaigns.

Reach Your Customers With Business SMS From TeleVoIPs

TeleVoIPs makes sending mass business SMS messages easy. Our user-friendly portal makes setting up and customizing your messages quick and painless, and you can switch between the portal, our mobile app, or your email to manage your text messages.

Contact us today if you’re ready to get started with reliable business SMS services – backed by exceptional, 24/7 support.


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