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TeleVoIPs Offers Affordable VoIP Solutions in Brandon, FL


What determines the best VoIP solution to suit your operation and budget? There are all kinds of bells and whistles available with this technology, but the decision about the appropriate system begins with two basic architectural considerations:

Where should your system reside?

VoIP systems fall into two categories: they are either in the cloud or locally installed. The “gateway” which connects you to your telephone network and other users can be on your premise in an equipment room, or it can be a hosted service that lives in the cloud.

A hosted service can be the best option for businesses without the in-house expertise to support a local network — it is typically simpler and more affordable.

What hardware do you want on the desktop?

This choice is also one to be made with your VoIP service provider based on your end-users, your budget, and the option that makes the most sense for future growth:

  • A traditional wired phone – it plugs into a bridging device to connect to the network; sort of like the two-receptacle adapters used to link an analog phone line and a fax machine.
  • A digital phone – these are designed to directly access your new VoIP network and are outfitted with an array of feature buttons.
  • A softphone – this option actually integrates your phone into your desktop or hand-held device. It delivers your entire communications world on one screen.

VoIP systems allow you to make calls over a network. Among other advantages, they provide superior voice quality than more traditional phone systems while offering additional security through encryption, an endless array of features, and less expensive calling rates.

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