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Benefits of Wireless Conference Phones

wireless phone technologyWhile VoIP systems have made mobility and cost savings the new standard for companies large and small, this technology combined with hardware like wireless conference phones has raised the bar for contemporary voice communications and telephone systems.

Traditional conference rooms are encumbered by expensive furniture designed to feature concealed raceways to hide the equipment’s cables and bulky transformers. But wireless conference phones that connect to VoIP networks produce the perfect blend of form and function by transmitting and receiving conference calls as simply as any mobile device or VoIP softphone.

Devices such as the Aastra S850i provide features that include a wireless speaker, two microphones and a handheld dialing pad. It is mobile, allowing users to make calls from anywhere. By connecting to a VoIP network, the unit is able to deliver superior sound quality and echo cancellation.

Virtual Conferencing:

    • Many new conference phone products include high-resolution displays, and have functions organized into easier-to-use menus with enhanced voice quality
    • Wireless conference phones provide the conventional uses of an office phone with added improvements and the proven benefits of voice calls over a private VoIP network.
    • These services also include voice calls, email, and text messaging.

For a flat fee or reduced rate, wireless conference phones provide users with the ability to make phone calls remotely, even without a cell phone. Added conveniences include the ability to send emails, download files, and incorporate video messaging.

When competing with traditional phones, wireless conference phones offer superior performance at a lower overall cost.

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