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Building a Cloud that is Right for You

Have you ever thought about where those files are stored that you just received via e-mail or how you’re able to access your favorite website from anywhere?

What if you could have this same ease of sharing data via the Internet for your business?

You can!  cloud computing

Infinity Computer Solutions specializes in building the infrastructure needed for private on-site cloud based technology that is always on to increase business efficiency. So, not only can business owners utilize cloud based technology, they can have the security of knowing the infrastructure supporting their cloud is within reach.

Cloud-based technology facilitates numerous business functions, including downloading forms, processing payments, and the ability to set appointments anywhere the Internet is available.

Through the use of cutting-edge hardware and software like Windows Server 2012 Hyper V 3.0, Infinity Computer Solutions constructs and deploys cloud infrastructure solutions that are right for your size business to increase efficiency and output.

Especially exciting is the October 2013 debut of Windows Server 2012 R2, which ICS plans to deploy immediately. The updated software builds on the success of Hyper V by decreasing downtime, providing more balanced storage, and allowing users on private devices to access data stored on the private cloud.

Here are three things to think about when considering an on-site private cloud deployment for your business:

  1. Server Conversion: Proper servers are the foundation of a successful cloud installation. For many businesses, with aging hardware, that means converting to high powered cloud compatible servers. A leading option is Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V 3.0. This versatile option supports Windows and Linux platforms and is scalable providing cost-saving measures to businesses. With the release of Windows Server 2012 R2 in October, businesses will enjoy a higher availability and more tolerance for data.
  2. Storage: This is perhaps the most important feature in the world of cloud computing. After all your data has been digitized what storage hardware and software will you need to make sure it is kept safely and easily accessible? Availability, flexibility, and performance are the key features to consider when deciding on a storage provider. ICS utilizes Dot Hill, an industry leader in storage for companies requiring transaction processing and application hosting.
  3. Backup Plan: Having a backup plan in the event of natural or cyber disaster is an important consideration when implementing cloud technology. A trusted IT service company, such as Infinity Computer Solutions, can not only design and build the infrastructure for your cloud, they can also provide monitoring, backup, and recovery services if and when the need arises.
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