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Call Parking Now Available

Call Parking graphic We’re excited to share that Call Parking is now a service we offer! Call Parking is a great service for both virtual and brick-and-mortar business environments.

What is Call Parking?
This service is a simple and efficient alternative to placing callers on a traditional hold. Call parking allows you to “park” the call in a space and then share the number of that “space” with the appropriate colleague to retrieve and handle the call.

Why should I Use Call Parking?
When an operator or the primary contact parks a call, unlike with a traditional hold, it frees up the line to receive additional calls. This helps the operator work more efficiently by passing on the interaction to the appropriate individual without holding up their line. In a brick-and-mortar environment like a grocery store, if a customer calls the general number but they want to place an order with the deli, rather than tying up the line, the customer service representative can park the call, alert the deli, and the deli can pick up the call at their convenience.

How do I implement Call Parking?
Whether you use Aastra, Yealink, Grandstream, or Polycom VoIP phones, the implementation of Call Parking is fairly simple.  Most systems have automatically updated to include this service – if so there will be a number you dial in advance of the “parking spot” number.  To retrieve the call, you use a separate number in advance of the “parking spot” number. Our Technicians can provide the support to configure these features at no additional charge on the TeleVoIPs system.

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