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Calling Smarter: Artificial Intelligence and VoIP

ICYMI: This March, TeleVoIPs' CEO Grant Baxley took center stage with a speech on Artificial Intelligence at the PoweredUP Technology Festival in St. Petersburg's Mahaffey Theater.

What Exactly Did You Miss?

The short version: The Tampa Bay Tech Forum hosted Grant, who spoke about the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, IBM's Watson, and of course, TeleVoIPs' smarter-than-average phone system.

The long version: On May 24th, Grant joined Tampa Bay's tech community and a record-high 500+ attendees to discuss TeleVoIPs' innovative use of Artificial Intelligence. Hold up.

First, the lowdown on AI: IBM's "Watson" is now about a decade in the making, and he's incredible. Equipped with the ability to recognize key words, tone, and speech patterns, the system functions the way a real person would, detecting and responding appropriately to the voice on the other side of the phone, whether that voice is frustrated, elated, or bored. TeleVoIPs has "hired" Watson to run their phones...well, kind of. Watson takes notes for their phones, rather, by "listening" to voicemails and transcribing them into emails which are sent directly to the phone user's email inbox.

What's next? TeleVoIPs plans to take Watson and their Voice Over IP system to the next level by incorporating artificial intelligence into "live" calls so that Watson can use his tone detection along with certain key words to perform specific actions in response to clients' needs and moods. By integrating this into their virtual switchboard, TeleVoIPs' phones can better serve their large clients' call centers.

The long version made short: IBM's question answering computer system, Watson, works inside TeleVoIPs' phone system to transcribe voicemails to text and send them directly to an email inbox. Soon, he'll be doing even more.

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