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Collaboration is the Real Goal, Not Just Communication

com·mu·ni·ca·tion \ kə-ˌmyü-nə-ˈkā-shən \ n (14c) 1: a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior 

col·lab·o·ra·tion \kə-ˌla-bə-ˈrā-shən\ n (1871) 1: a process of working jointly with others in an endeavor

Strong communication is universally recognized as a vital pillar of good business. But what if you could take your communication a step further, and empower functional, efficient conversations that lead to real, concrete results and actions? While communication moves a message from point A to B, collaboration implies a continued effort of making a change, implementing a process, or achieving a common goal, together. And that sounds like the kind of thing that propels a business forward, doesn’t it?

More Voices, Better Decisions, More Engagement

Rather than communicating decisions from the top down, involving a larger, more lateral team encompasses a bigger range of opinions, and empowers employees at all levels to make a difference.

To build an effective team, you need to shape empowered employees, and that begins with allowing everyone a voice and the ability to make a difference. Top-down updates simply aren’t enough to inspire a workforce, Forbes says, “Instead, [employees] need to be tied-in to the company vision, instantly informed of product changes and updates, and given the opportunity to voice their insights where applicable. That requires a major shift in mindset on the part of the communications teams.”

Collaborating Right

Including everyone in the conversation, however, is an art, not a science, and doesn’t necessarily equal wow-level results. Compare Apple’s creation of the iPhone, the enormously successful result of a highly collaborative effort with worldwide partners, with Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft (*hint* after mismanaged relationships with partners, the entire fleet was grounded in January 2013). Achieving successful collaborative efforts requires careful planning, and ensuring there is a system behind the end goal.

(source: Forbes)

  The Digital Transformation

The phrase “digital transformation” is being tossed around like a hot potato, and frankly, you’re probably sick of hearing how it’s impacted other industries and departments. Maybe you’d be a little less fed up if you knew that a small shift toward digital collaboration could give your internal operations a 180 when it comes to increased efficiency. Making this shift requires the technology to collaborate effectively, leveraging this technology is especially vital in avoiding mismanaged relationships like Boeing’s.

Linking all your contacts and their data with the platform you use to collaborate with them is a great first step. TeleVoIPs offers a wide variety of video conferencing and business phone solutions with CRM integration to promote collaborative internal communications across all industries.

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