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Don’t Forget – The New 656 Area Code Is Now Up and Running

Tampa area businesses that have not yet taken advantage of securing a new number with a vanity hook should consider doing so sooner rather than later. Take action now as these 656 area code numbers will not always be available to help aid your advertising and marketing efforts – and get an edge on the local competition.


656 Offers New Challenges – and Opportunities

With the implementation of the new 656 area code, there will be various changes for business owners to keep in mind that will alter the way your contact information is accessed and displayed. A few examples include:

  • For calls placed within the 813 area code, 10 digits must be dialed to complete the call: 1 + (813) followed by the seven-digit telephone number. (The ‘1’ is optional when calling from a mobile phone.)
  • Calls placed between area codes 813 and 656 will require dialing all 10 numbers.
  • The TeleVoIPs platform will set 813 as the default area code for any seven-digit number dialed by our Tampa-based clients.
  • For non-TeleVoIPs clients, reprogramming equipment that stores frequently called numbers will be necessary so that all 10 digits are dialed. This impacts life safety systems and medical devices, PBXs, fax machines, alarm systems, security systems and gates, speed dialers, mobile phones, call forwarding settings, voicemail services, and others.
  • You should update the following to include the new area code: websites, stationary, advertisements, bank checks, contact information, and personal and pet ID tags.


Using a Local Vanity Number Will Pay Off in Ad & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns

Utilizing a new 656 area code vanity number is a great way for businesses to secure new customers and generate new sales. If you run a business, having an easy to remember phone number is a great asset. Vanity numbers such as 656 DENTIST, 656 LAWYERS, 656 BBQRIBS, and others can help attract contact from new customers because they’re easy to remember.

Another incentive businesses have for securing a new 656 phone number is increased SEO. People tend to shop locally for products and services, so conducting a locally-optimized SEO campaign is smart business. Local SEO improves your website rankings for searches related to specific geographic areas.

Almost 50% of all Google searches include phrases such as “near me” or “downtown” followed by an area code, city name, or zip code. This strategy also helps attract potential customers in local areas looking for specific businesses and industries, so it makes sense to run campaigns and publish numbers that help people find you. Consider the following statistics:

  • 85% of business owners depend on local word-of-mouth referrals1
  • 90% of consumers use the internet to find a local business2
  • 33% of consumers look at local businesses online every day2


TeleVoIPs and a 656 Area Code Number Can Help You Grow Your Business

Our phone solutions coupled with new SEO and marketing initiatives are a great way for Tampa-area businesses to grow their bottom lines. There are a number of ways we can improve your business processes that aid in attracting new customers and sales, including:

  • Implementing an advanced business phone system you can scale as your company grows
  • Adding features like caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, transfer, conference bridging, and more
  • Implementing advanced features such as call statistics, virtual switchboard, advanced call routing, voicemail to email transcription, CRM integration, and more

If your company could benefit from having a telecommunications expert in your corner to help you navigate using the new 656 area code and its many potential benefits, we’re here for you. Sign up here, and we’ll get the process started for your new local business number.


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