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Easy-to-Use Office 365 Click to Dial From Softphone Is Now a Reality

Don’t you just hate it when you’re ready to return the call of a potential new client, only to realize you can’t locate their phone number and contact information? When seconds count, you can count on TeleVoIPs and our integration that connects all contacts in Office 365 with your softphone – making the process of calling that much easier.

No longer will you have to hunt for numbers in your contacts from Microsoft each time you want to call them – they’re automatically uploaded into your softphone app.

This simple yet frustrating pain point is something we’re thrilled to solve for our customers. Numbers saved on your phone or desktop will now be available in your TeleVoIPs account for a smoother transition.

Further, TeleVoIPs now offers integration with Outlook – so you’ll have the ability to move phone numbers and contact information automatically.

What Exactly Are Softphones? 

Softphones are a digital version of the traditional work phone that sits on your desk. Our softphones allow you to take your business wherever your cell phone or computer goes and function as a substitute or an on-the-go supplement for a desk phone. 

Softphones are a great solution for working efficiently in a remote or hybrid capacity. A softphone can:

  • Make and take calls from your computer and cell phone using your business phone number
  • Send and receive business texts
  • Park and transfer calls
  • Store contact information
  • Show who is on a call and who is not
  • Check voicemail and call history

There’s also an app available from the Android and iOS App Store that allows you to take your business phone anywhere there’s cell service or WiFi. Additionally, our desktop softphone application for Mac and Windows can turn your laptop into a VoIP phone. Add a USB headset to any computer and handle all your business calls with the click of a mouse. 

Problems Solved

Having the freedom to work from home, across the country, or across the street is essential for success. That is exactly why we designed our softphone to help you do business more effectively – no matter where your employees are located.

We realize our partners want a responsive voice provider that solves problems to make their customers happy and help grow their business. Our customers want a high-quality voice solution that supports modern communications from a reliable provider. 

Our easy-to-use Office 365 click to dial does all of that.

Other Features Deliver the Whole Nine Yards

Once you add the following features to your business phone, you’ll have a comprehensive solution that delivers the best convenient communication capability to your work teams:

  • Work-from-home tools
  • Call reports and statistics
  • CRM integration
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Queue callback
  • Virtual switchboard
  • Auto attendant
  • Text messaging
  • Call center statistics
  • Conferencing solutions

Contact us for a no-obligation, free demonstration to see our softphone in action. 

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