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Efficient Employees: How Call Stats Can Help

Know Your Numbers

Missing client calls is just about the worst thing a business can do for, well, business. It almost inevitably results in disgruntled current and potential clients, and presents an unprofessional image right off the bat. So how do you hold everyone on your team accountable for responding to important phone calls, and ensure no client, new or old, slips through the cracks?

If a company big or small does any amount of work over the phone, it seems painfully obvious that there should be an easy way to track call volume and duration, and perhaps more importantly, the employees that are taking and making calls compared to those who aren’t. In actuality, analog phone systems can’t provide a simple solution to this. The good news is that analog systems are a thing of the past, and VoIP systems are rapidly replacing them, bringing to the table advanced call reporting capabilities.

For the sake of making all kinds of companies’ daily operations more efficient, here’s the shortlist of what call stats can help you do:

1. Better understand staffing needs by tracking busiest call times

2. Easily access which employees answer and make the most and least calls

3. Track frequency and duration of Do-Not-Disturb for each user

4. Receive real-time Do-Not-Disturb notifications*

5. Receive email alerts for all abandoned calls

 Tracking Calls to Care for Clients

When the TeleVoIPs team first onboarded the Orthopaedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay, they were transitioning from a dated Verizon phone system, but thought their calls had been coming through well enough.

After just a few days using TeleVoIPs’ call detail reporting and queue statistics, OMG’s management recognized just how many calls their call center had been missing—so many that they hired several new staff members to manage a much higher call volume than they ever realized they had. Since transitioning, the group now knows that their call center averages between 2,100 and 2,400 calls per day, ranging all the way up to 3,100, and is able to staff its center appropriately based on time and day.
[testimonial name=”Orthopaedic Medical Group” img=”” subtitle=”Michael Paul, Service Center Administrator”] “To grow the company, we needed to have the technology to do so. Our archaic system was creating a lot of unsatisfied patients.”[/testimonial]


Totally Searchable Stats

Accessing call detail reports through the TeleVoIPs user portal is straightforward, and provides a full view of all inbound and outbound calls that can be sorted by:

📞 date range

📞 time frame

📞 user

📞 extension number

📞 team/queue

📞 external/internal status

If you’re ready to track your call volume, and increase your office’s efficiency, get in touch.


*Real-time DND notifications are currently available only for our line of Mitel phones

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