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Hot Desking: A VoIP Solution for the Modern Office

From home offices to virtual workforces, technology drives contemporary business operations. Today’s office environments have a host of flexible alternatives. Hot Desking powered by VoIP phone solutions, is the segmental approach to space.  

Hot Desking leverages the most fundamental feature of VoIP phone systems; users can log into a phone on a desk just as they would a computer. Distinguished from commonly used telephone features like Follow Me or Call Forwarding where incoming calls are redirected to another station, VoIP phones allow the user to completely assume control of another phone — with their personalized features and settings intact. The user simply accesses their phone’s software in the system from a station at an available desk, permitting them to seamlessly make and receive calls.

Besides the cost savings afforded by our VoIP Business Solutions in general, the Hot Desking concept maximizes your company’s commercial real estate and is therefore the ideal telephone design for call center agents, salespeople on the road, part-time employees, and virtual resources. Like digital billboards with a new ad reveal every 30 seconds, the same space serves multiple purposes. 

VoIP systems options are endless in the Hot Desking model. While the user can log in and out with short codes or programmable buttons, access can also be configured by the administrator to automatically log extensions out at a determined time, or pre-set them to log out after a period of idle time.  

With just a login, a password, and a workspace, VoIP transforms any generic office cubicle into a fully equipped custom solution. 

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