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How Does VoIP Work?

Over the last quarter of a century the modern telephone has continued to transform. Back in the eighties, individual 25 pair cables connected directly to a desktop phone that weighed much more than today’s laptops.   how does voip work image

This former state-of-the-art technology gave way to digital PBXs which put the telephone system on the customer’s premise and provided them the ability to program more advanced software features and call routing changes.

Today’s VoIP installations represent yet another giant leap in telephony. We install affordable VoIP solutions in Brandon, FL and throughout the Tampa Bay area because they bring such flexibility to the modern business owner.

“VoIP” (which stands for “Voice over IP”) allows businesses to make telephone calls over an IP (Internet protocol) data network. Instead of standing alone on its own platform, the telephone system is a voice component that is actually part of a data network. This overall design offers significant benefits:

Cost reduction – Your on-site or on-call IT team manages one network instead of two

Facilitate Operations –Efforts to support moves, adds, and changes are simplified as phone extensions and their relocation can be more efficiently administered

Consolidation – VoIP streamlines incoming business calls by allowing call routing of a single number to mobile phones or landlines

With all the extras like web conferencing, video chat, instant messaging, and a host of features to customize for your operation, VoIP is the telephone platform that keeps contemporary businesses competitive. It offers a robust interface that helps maintain a productive, and even virtual workforce.

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