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How Server Virtualization Works

server image From processing complex data transactions to your e-mail exchanges, your business is dependent on various functions to keep it running smoothly. Many of these functions run on servers often stored in your on-site data center.

Traditionally, each operating system is designated to its own server. That means your company likely has one server dedicated to running the software your company uses for data processing, another for your printers and fax machines, and the list goes on.

This type of computing can take up a lot of physical space and also be wasteful to the environment and your bank account. Since many servers only use a portion of space for their one-designated job, the rest of the server’s space remains unused.

Virtualized Servers, a new trend quickly picking up steam in the IT world, aims to reduce the waste. Virtual servers involve using special software to split one server up into separate parts to run different functions.

Infinity Computer Solutions can analyze your current server configuration and determine the best path to take for consolidating your server functions whether it be a partial or complete virtualization. With the use Microsoft’s Hyper-V Technology, you can rest assured your company’s systems are running smoothly while saving energy and money.

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