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How the Virtual Switchboard is Transforming the Customer Service Experience

Central Service

Centralization is the key to great customer service. You have common, core goals that an entire team should be committed to following. But how do you measure and control that? The Virtual Switchboard functions as a centralized call control tool, and organizes all active calls in your web browser, so customer service calls and goals finally come together.


Ensuring your team of representatives and the voice of your company, your receptionist, has tools to provide top-notch service is the engine behind the Virtual Switchboard. Providing a bird’s eye view of a network’s call queues allows for permission-based control of all customer-service calls. Improved quality of service begins with awareness, so the Virtual Switchboard displays all your real-time call data in one place.

How it Works:

❌✅Each extension in your call network or specified queue is available in a visual grid: red means the line is busy, green means it’s free.

Calls can be made, answered, or transferred right from this display screen so that your clients make it to their correct destination as quickly as possible.

When a client calls in, a screen pop displays their information to ensure they won’t have to repeat themselves. Screen pops are also key in verifying who you’re talking to.

The Fancier Features

When deploying the Virtual Switchboard, you consolidate customer service control and receive access to sleek features that put a stop to unsatisfactory service calls before they happen:

Barge” into active calls

“Listen” in on all the calls made in your network or queue

“Whisper” to anyone in your network without your client hearing

“Record” any or all calls


The ability to time and record all the calls in your network simplifies tracking employee performance and verifying the details of a conversation or incident. Because the Virtual Switchboard funnels all customer service calls into one place, it becomes simple to measure the level of service provided and compare it with company goals. No matter your industry, deploying the Virtual Switchboard as a part of your VoIP phone system and your customer service process can drastically improve the level of care your company provides its clients.

If you’re looking to centralize and improve your company’s customer satisfaction, chat with us.

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