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Maintain VoIP Continuity in a Disaster With TeleVoIPs

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TeleVoIPs ensures your customers’ business VoIP solution always stays on – no matter what.
Ensure Business Continuity in the Hybrid Work Era
If you’ve ever worried that your customers are going to be unhappy with their VoIP service when an outage or other disaster brings it down – you’re right to be. These days, not only are businesses clamoring for feature-rich VoIP service, they want it to stay online 24/7, no matter what. You know the only way to satisfy their business VoIP requirements is to bring them cloud-based voice, but how do you guarantee their uptime? With TeleVoIPs’ advanced business continuity technology:

How to Keep Your Customers’ Phone Service on 24/7
TeleVoIPs’ features for business continuity and disaster recovery include:

Automatic Failover
Our servers automatically detect when an office loses internet or power and forwards calls accordingly. TeleVoIPs can ring cell phones, alternate offices, softphones, or remote phones based on your customers’ preferred strategy.
Time Conditions and Call-Flow Toggle
Calls will be sent automatically to an after-hours message, an answering service, a voicemail message, or another phone in the event of service disruption. With our one-touch call-flow toggle buttons, a disaster plan can be activated immediately.
Mobile App
The TeleVoIPs app allows for using the full functionality of a business phone system from a cell phone, so workers with internet access can communicate during a disruption.
The TeleVoIPs platform is built on a high availability network with no single point of failure. Geographically separate data centers replicate traffic in real time and seamlessly failover from one to another with no change to end users.

Effective Communication From Anywhere
TeleVoIPs provides reliable, redundant VoIP service with a personal touch. Whether employees are in the office or working remotely, our voice service keeps them communicating effectively – even in the event of a disaster. Contact TeleVoIPs today to add reliable VoIP solutions to your portfolio.

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