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New Business Phone Systems are More Like Smartphones

Your business’s infrastructure needs to utilize new tools and technology to benefit you, your employees and your clients. One of our newest phones, the Grandstream Enterprise Multimedia Phone, offers a powerful voice, video and multimedia experience, keeping your business efficient and up-to-date. With a 7″ touchscreen, built-in webcam, and an Android operating system, you have resources like SalesForce, GoToMeeting, Skype, and millions of other Android apps to push your productivity to maximum.

The Power of a Smartphone with Your Business in Mind

In addition to the above smartphone features, new business phones boast Bluetooth, USB, SD card slots, and mini HDMI for monitor connection. Your favorite Bluetooth headset can now be used with your office VoIP system, allowing you to consolidate hardware and software resources, which in turn saves time and money.

IT Support for a Worry-Free Experience

If you’re not familiar with Android, worry not — we have you covered with 24/7 IT support. We take pride in our VoIP systems and in the customer service we provide, so we’re happy to follow through with any support you may need. Utilizing the power of our IT team then circumvents the obstacle of recruiting internal technical support for older and complicated PBX phone systems.

More Reliable Than Your Cell Phone

Having phone call continuity is important to maintain relationships with your clients, not to mention conveying your professionalism.  Your phone directly connects you to your clients and, particularly for more-rural businesses, keeps businesses growing.  In fact, be sure to keep your cell phone handy; you can have calls routed directly to it even if you’re on the road, another great feature of our VoIP system.

It’s time to take your businesses communication to the next level with a TeleVoIP intelligent phone system. With its video conferencing, millions of apps, and a host of other amazing features, your success will only keep climbing.

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