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New Voice Tech Could Be Less Costly Than Old

The word technology as a standalone makes me think of spending big bucks. But what if the newer, cutting-edge technology cost less than the old-school systems? It all depends on infrastructure.

The Roadmap to Better Tech

Voice technology’s infrastructure functions similarly to roadways’—when there is too much traffic in a city (which anyone in Tampa ought to relate to on a personal level…), it doesn’t make sense to build and pave hundreds of one-lane roads all over the city. Rather, any good city planner would prefer to expand an existing road, building it out with 3, 4, 5, or 6 lanes to accommodate the high volume of cars.

Just like roadways, telephone cables experience high volumes of traffic. The retro copper wires that route phone calls through telephone poles function like the one-lane road—they can’t handle much traffic, and are costly because each time more traffic needs somewhere to go, new copper wires need to be dug and run.

The alternative is the fiber cable—cabling which is already in place much like the highway to be expanded. Fiber cables are used for internet service, so they’ve already been dug and run anywhere there's wifi, and “expanding” them isn’t really an issue, since they’re designed to account for much more call traffic than the copper wires. Just like city planners look into the future of their growing city, it’s important to consider the future of a phone system—is the business using it growing quickly, or would it like to? Will it expect more sales, a higher call volume, new clients? Is it okay with spending more money to install new copper wires each time it grows?

Out With the Old, In With the New

In the same way highway expansion has become the standard for city planners, these fiber cables (when put to use for phone service, called VoIP) have become the new norm. Because the infrastructure that allows for VoIP capability is preexisting, it simply costs than the old-school system. Faster, more cutting-edge voice technology is indeed less costly than the traditional way. Still don’t believe it? Compare your numbers in our cost-savings analysis. Or, give the TeleVoIPs team a call for your complimentary quote today at (813) 702-1500.

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