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Six Surprising Benefits to Managed IT Services

managed IT benefits

Whether you’re an established firm with high profile clients or simply a mom and pop plus two, you are likely to rely on a network of technology that keeps your business running smoothly. From cloud computing to VOIP phone solutions, companies have a host of technology needs that they aren’t often equipped to handle in house.

Turning to managed IT services can be among the best investments you’ll ever make in the functionality of your business -- and surprisingly even your bottom line. Here are some other surprising benefits to outsourcing your company’s IT needs:


  1. Increased Security: Increasingly companies are turning away from paper records to virtualize record keeping. It means increased demand for reliable IT security and backup plans. By employing a tested backup, recovery and storage solution that includes a virtualized server you can reduce downtime in your business in the event of a security breach or disaster.
  2. Business Growth: From hiring to payroll, small and medium sized businesses have enough to deal with in an already turbulent economic client. A dedicated IT management service with experienced professionals will provide you with updates and recommendations to move your company’s business goals along through well thought out IT solutions.
  3. Greener Business: On site servers, networks and phone systems can take up not only physical space in your business but drains energy and increases your carbon footprint. Through managed IT services much of your technology needs can be virtualized decreasing your energy cost and giving you a clearer conscious about the environmental friendliness of your company.
  4. Better Efficiency: A dedicated IT management service will ensure software and hardware is the most current, so you can worry about the core of your business. By ensuring things like patches, data back-up and anti-virus software are up to date you can avoid downtime before it has a chance to affect the effectiveness of your business.
  5. Cost Savings: We mentioned this already, but it bears repeating. Often hiring an IT staff can be costly for businesses. And if you aren’t tech savvy, you may not fully understand which expertise to look for in an applicant. Just because someone has a certification that does not necessarily mean they are equipped to handle your IT needs. A high turnover rate in your IT department can drain your funds. Infinity Computer Solutions provides a fixed monthly fee for managed IT services so you know what your budget will be each month.
  6. Happier Employees: There are few things that irritate people more than slow Internet connections and broken equipment like printers and fax machines. Infinity Computer Solutions, a Tampa based IT management service, can provide on-site support to keep hardware and software updated, along with providing increased storage when needed to make sure your systems run swiftly so your employees keep smiling.
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