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SMB Mobility in the Tech Age: A How-To Guide

Owning and operating an SMB means you’re always up and always on, no matter where you are.

Your business technology ought to be too. Here’s how to update, renovate, and rethink the way tech works for your business:

1. Know What Suits Your Business Best

In 2016, BizTech outlined the four tech trends predicted to have the biggest impacts on smaller firms in 2017:

    1. cloud computing

    2. security

    3. mobility

    4. IT services


Invest smarter in your tech—SMB’s usually don’t need the same costly systems as large corporations do. To keep it cost effective, find a custom solution that does everything you need it to, and nothing you don’t.

2. ☁ ☁ Keep Your Head in the Clouds ☁ ☁

Communication in the cloud allows small businesses to employ the advanced tools they need to work like the big dogs, at a fraction of the initial investment and monthly fees. Phones that can track call statistics, or integrate CRM data provide easy access, and cloud-based platforms are customizable and scalable to your SMB’s unique needs. A hosted voice solution also includes all the service your system could ever need—from the original install and training, to expansion, to everyday questions. Which leaves your head where it’s supposed to be, on business.

3. Scope Out Your Competition

A study by Intuit and Emergent Research concluded that as of 2016, 37% of all SMBs were already employing the cloud in order to increase the efficiency of their daily operations. Intuit predicted that number would rise to 78% by 2020. Don’t wait behind the tech curve.

4. Remember, Safety First

Cloud-based phone systems provide several advanced security features that traditional systems don’t—username and password protection and the ability to encrypt conversations, just to name a few. Laurie McCabe, cofounder and partner at the SMB Group research firm explains in an interview with BizTech, “The average small or midsized company doesn’t have a high level of in-house security expertise, while public cloud providers are betting their entire businesses on being secure.”

5. Always Stay On

Don’t put up with unnecessary downtime. In case of an emergency, your technology needs backup—choose a phone provider who will reroute your calls to your cell, other lines, or other offices automatically.

6. Follow Your Dreams—Or Your Vacation Plans

The SMB Group found that as of 2016, 59% of companies rated mobile solutions and services “critical to their business.” You should have the freedom to travel anywhere with your office phone in your pocket or purse. Does your business communication system automatically forward your business calls to your iPhone or android, or allow you to use a mobile app to make calls from your business number? It should.

Growing your SMB isn’t easy—we understand. And that’s why we’ll listen to what you need in your business communication system. Let us tailor a phone solution just for your SMB.


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