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TeleVoIPs attends Blue Grace Ignite 2015 Franchise Conference

IMG_0226Steve Cox and Grant Baxley with TeleVoIPs had the proud honor of attending and sponsoring Blue Grace Logistics at the annual 2015 Ignite Blue Grace Logistics (BGL) Franchise Conference in New Orleans. "Being a part of the growing Blue Grace family is very important for us and the least we could do is come out to the Big Easy and contribute" says Grant Baxley, CEO, of TeleVoIPs. Steve Cox, Sales Manager, said, "Getting in front of current and emerging Blue Grace franchises is important for two reasons—one, we get to show thanks and appreciation to our current BGL franchise customers for their continued support; and two, we get to interface with the new franchises and display our VoIP "WOW" factor while educating them on how the corporate office uses our TeleVoIPs voice technology as a tool to route, manage, monitor, and enhance theirs and their clients telecommunication experience."

After listening to the phenomenal presentations from Bobby Harris, CEO of Blue Grace Logistics in Tampa and the unforgettable Jack Daly, Steve and Grant were truly "jacked" at the trade show vendor area to show off the Yealink Video Conferencing solution where clients have the ability to do site-to-site video teleconferences over the internet. They also made live VoIP calls using a variety of our top-of-the-line Mitel IP phones that deploy via a hosted model and on-site PBX configuration. It was repeatedly noted how BGL has a multi-site, multi-state deployment and each location can failover to another location in case of power or internet outages. It’s really something that sets TeleVoIPs and BGL apart while we both strive to be the leaders in our respective technology companies. We cannot wait for next year in...?


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