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TeleVoIPs Expands to Jacksonville

Thank you to all of our new referral partners and friends that attended our Jacksonville Partner Event at the Aardwolf Brewing Company last Thursday for a few brews and fantastic BBQ from Bold American Grill.  We were more than happy to greet the many IT companies, IT recruiters, and BNI referral partners that Jacksonville has to offer.

The event’s main theme was focusing on the TeleVoIPs expansion into Jacksonville — our VoIP technology and services are a great fit for the area.  Coupled with our new friendships with the Jax Chamber and the Jacksonville IT Security Council, we’re now uniquely positioned to build upon our successful Tampa model and offer Jacksonville businesses a local VoIP provider that delivers white glove service.  Not only that, we also added a great referral arrangement with our new affiliate partners.

It’s truly a win-win for all involved, and we can’t wait to become a trusted VoIP provider in Jacksonville for many years to come!  Thank you so much JAX —  our hope is to become the best choice for your business voice!

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