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TeleVoIPs introduces new SHOCKING Feature for Call Centers and Sales Managers

For Immediate release – April 1st , 2022

Back by popular demand, our engineers have been hard at work for months creating our new Shock feature. The shock button is made for call center supervisors and sales managers to notify their employees of bad behavior. The feature is compatible with all current VoIP phones on the market and is a way to really get their attention.

How it works:

When you select a user from the TelevoIPs Virtual Switch Board you now have the ability to select The Shock Button. Once pressed the button sends a signal to the Phones handset at 120 Volts. Our engineers have found that due to the energy efficiency of VoIP phones that there are 23.5 Watts of unused Power coming through a POE (Power over Ethernet) Switch. With this additional wattage we are able to convert this to a shocking notification to the employee for immediate effect. If you choose to go with our Yealink T5 series wifi enabled phones, using the same wireless technology our engineers have been able to amplify the shock to 240 Volts which really packs a punch.

For more information please contact our sales department. Have a great April Fools Day!


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