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TeleVoIPs offers discounted phone service for Non-Profits

VoIP Services Deal for Nonprofits: Apply Now

Running a nonprofit in this economy can be extremely challenging. You have to decide where to most effectively spend money while raising funds for your organization. Often times nonprofits are told to do more with less, but certain budget items just can’t be cut— including telephone services.

At Infinity Computer Solutions of Tampa Bay, we have the perfect solution to save you money on phone services. To celebrate our eighth anniversary, we want to give back to the community by offering 8 nonprofits an 80% discount off a VoIP telephone system for their offices.non profits

Why Switch to VoIP Technology?

VoIP, or “Voice over IP”, is a hosted service that allows businesses to make calls through high-speed Internet connection. The VoIP works as a modern telephone system, in which both inbound and outbound calls are facilitated through the service. Our VoIP phone solution will provide excellent phone features that are not available with normal phone systems, all at a less expensive price.

Your Nonprofit will Profit

Why should you apply for this service? Simple, it can save your nonprofit money. Your business will no longer be charged on a call-to-call basis. With our VoIP technology your bill is a fixed monthly rate with unlimited local and long distance calls. In addition to the 80% off promotion, you will continue to save money for years. Some of our clients have saved 40% or more monthly just from making the switch.

Put VoIP to the Test

VoIP technology comes at a more reasonable cost than aging analog phone systems since your phone services is delivered through your internet connection instead of from your local phone company. Our team will not only install VoIP for your business, but we also handle the maintenance— allowing you to focus on your business without the worries.

Also, moving your business to a different location will not be a hassle with VoIP compared to analog phones. As long as you have an Internet connection, your system remains the same.

After being based in Tampa Bay for eight years, Infinity Computer Solutions and TeleVoIPs wants to give back to the community. The first eight nonprofits in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties that qualify will receive the 80% discount.

To qualify, contact TeleVoIPs 1-800-249-1771 for an application. The promotion will run until the eight spaces are filled. It’s our way of saying thank you, and taking your business to another level of technology.

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