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The Importance of Monitoring Sales Calls

Running a business with optimum efficiency is a top priority for owners and managers. TeleVoIPs provides the ability to monitor all sales calls, enabling you to improve and provide additional customer service. Listening in on sales calls gives management and subordinates opportunities to teach, learn, and achieve success.  The resulting optimal customer service and improvements in your sales team saves time and money.

Learn from the Best

Sales teams do a better job with call monitoring

Every company has hot-shot sales reps. By listening in on your best employees’ calls, you can learn from their actions and find areas where other team members can improve. For example, if a successful sales rep is more inquisitive, you can train other reps to ask more questions to increase closing rates and ensure your customer gets what he or she needs.

Detailed and Expedient Training

Monitoring calls is great for instructing new employees, allowing you to provide the feedback they need to succeed. You can also have them listen in on your more seasoned sales people, much like you would in a retail atmosphere, but with a more natural experience. At the end of the day, you’ll have increased training efficiency and ensure that new employees have the knowledge they need to succeed.

Join Calls at Will

Being able to join in on calls can also save a sale or customer experience. If an employee receives a customer call that goes sour or the employee is not particularly knowledgeable in a subject, you can join that call to clarify details or de-escalate a call gone awry. Without barging into the call, you may also communicate in whatever interwork online chat you may use in your office.

Call Monitoring is a fantastic tool that will increase sales, efficiency, and employee morale with better training and attention to customer satisfaction.  With this service, you get TeleVoIPs’ IT support so you can focus on doing your job with unending confidence.

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