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The Top 7 Characteristics to Look for When Choosing the Best VoIP Business Partner

Many organizations are looking for an edge in today’s ever changing marketplace – and resellers in the telecom space are certainly no exception. A great way for you to grow your bottom line is by leveraging a partner that uses the most advanced VoIP technology. 


Business leaders should seek to align themselves with a partner that offers dependable products and services, customer support, and advanced technology knowledge. By doing so, you’ll make tremendous strides over your competition. 


One easy advancement for your customers is to upgrade legacy PBX phones to a modern VoIP system. This simple fix brings many advantages and benefits to organizations looking to stay relevant in today’s work-from-anywhere environments.


If this sounds like a blueprint that would benefit your company, take note of the following seven characteristics you should look for as a reseller when you’re on the hunt for the best VoIP business partner:


  1. Reliable services – Don’t trust the well being of your customers to just anyone. Make sure your VoIP partner offers reliable services backed by solutions that work. They should be able to answer all your questions and offer advice when considering adding new products and services. 
  2. Customization – If a business phone system doesn’t match your customers’ needs, it won’t matter how many advanced features your provider partner adds on as an enticement for closing the sale. Make sure your VoIP partner can offer customized options.
  3. Competitive pricing – Your customers aren’t always just looking for the lowest price; they seek phone systems that meet their budget while bringing the right mix of features and options to the table. The best VoIP business partner will provide a quality product that’s priced fairly.
  4. Customer support – Your partner should offer 24/7 support, go the extra mile to solve problems quickly to get your customers back online, and cover your needs from the onboarding stage all the way through system implementation. Make sure your partner offers free technical support – otherwise your customers may be unhappy to pay extra when problems arise.
  5. System training – Your customers will benefit from a training program that teaches them how the VoIP system functions, along with tips and techniques to get the most out of its capabilities. Make sure your partner offers training to get everyone up to speed quickly.
  6. Recurring commissions – Good partners should be able to help you meet your customers’ needs – while providing you with a reliable recurring revenue stream. Search for partnerships that enable you to work smarter, not harder.
  7. Well-established reputation – Seek a partner that has a good reputation in the IT community. Look for social proof that provides you with the assurance that you’ll be offering your customers a high-quality, beneficial solution. 

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