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‘Twas the Night before Christmas….

‘Twas the night before Christmas and your dream referral called,

But you’re away from the office, you’re shopping at the mall,

They leave you a voicemail, they even call again,

This time it rings busy, a technology sin,

They google your competition, they give it a shot, christmas phone

They dial those 7 digits, and what have they got?

Somebody answers, with joy in their voice,

Who knew that your competitor had TeleVoIPs?

That call rang their office, their home, & their cell,

This dream referral, just wanted you to sell,

Sell them your product, your service, your skills,

They literally wanted to hand you dolla dolla billz,

So take it from me, Voice over IP,

Features virtual auto attendant, and Call Follow Me,

Never miss a call, never miss a sale,

Never miss that voice message in your email,

Because the referral of a lifetime may never call again,

And if they do, and you miss it, it’s on you, not on them.


Happy Holidays from the TeleVoIPs Team!

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