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Two Tampa Tech Companies Partner to Redefine the VoIP Industry

Phonism, a market leader in VoIP phone provisioning and management, and TeleVoIPs, a 5-star telecommunications provider, have just announced a partnership aimed at drastically improving the VoIP user experience for business phone customers. In August, Phonism announced its support for a line of Mitel Aastra phones, which TeleVoIPs is the first to utilize. As a result, TeleVoIPs has shaved significant time off their onboarding process and improved their new clients’ experiences.


Big name phone companies are often associated with waiting on hold and a general lack of responsiveness when it comes to customer care. TeleVoIPs prioritizes the customer experience above all else, and aims to eliminate long waits from the industry. This goal is also at the core of Phonism’s company mission, so a partnership with TeleVoIPs only seemed natural.

Phonism’s solution automates otherwise manual processes for VoIP providers to reduce time and cost, and also gives service providers the ability to provide a superior experience for the end user. The announcement of this partnership is particularly exciting as TeleVoIPs deploys a wide range of VoIP phones that they can now provision via Phonism in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. In turn, they’ve been able to eliminate the waiting period and hassle that businesses oftentimes face during their phone setup or transition process.

“TeleVoIPs has been our VoIP service provider for over a year now. They have proven to be extremely stable and their customer support and technical knowledge are unmatched. We are very excited to be helping TeleVoIPs streamline their Mitel phone deployments, especially since they are helping other businesses in our local community,” said Steve Lazaridis, CEO of Phonism.

This new partnership marks a shift in the VoIP industry that places focus on the people who rely on their phones to do business every day. As a result, local businesses will experience far less downtime and fewer service interruptions. Through TeleVoIPs’ and Phonism’s joint solution, businesses using VoIP in Tampa and across the United States will see their phone system changes made more efficiently than ever before.

About TeleVoIPs

With offices in Tampa and Jacksonville, TeleVoIPs provides businesses phone service across the country. The company specializes in custom designing cloud-based solutions to business’ communication problems. TeleVoIPs prides itself on its superior customer service and personalized care for its growing clients every step of the way.

About Phonism

Phonism is the leading cloud platform for VoIP device provisioning and management. Phonism helps service providers easily manage all their devices from a centralized location. The company’s innovative approach has helped their customers to streamline onboarding and support, saving them valuable time and increasing their bottom line. With Phonism, the days of manual provisioning are in the rearview.

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