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Unforeseen Downtime: What’s Bad Tech Costing Your Business?

How Much Loss?

Every time your enterprise-level technology fails you, you fail one (or more) of your clients. You miss a deadline, an email, or a phone call (and you break the trust they had in your company). Oh, and you contribute to the $26.5 billion in revenue lost each year to technical downtime. And we’re not just talking about big data centers, IT companies, or technology startups here. We’re talking about law firms, medical practices, and insurance offices big and small.

On average, any given company experiences 14 hours of unforeseen downtime annually, and as a result, loses about $155,000 in revenue. That’s every single year.

It’s no surprise that bad tech is costing businesses big time, but what’s perhaps more startling is that 56% of US businesses operate with no comprehensive disaster recovery plan to prevent this kind of loss.The biggest objective (of course) is cost.

A Worthwhile Solution

Working with your IT company to establish an all-bases-covered kind of DR plan to prevent downtime and revenue loss is a worthwhile financial investment, no doubt about it. But DR plans can also be implemented at no extra cost. A business’ phone is often its first line of customer communication, and if it’s down, so is your business. You miss sales opportunities, the chance to support and prove your reliability to clients, and as a result, revenue for the entire time you’re down.

Built-In Safeguards (That Don’t Cost Your Arm & Leg)

So now you’re on the hunt for a solution (and you might not want to contract someone to monitor your system 24/7). We get it. Your communications system can easily be backed up to prevent this downtime, revenue loss, and batch of disgruntled (and potentially lost) clients.

When your phone system is hosted in the cloud, calls can be automatically set to reroute in case you lose power or internet. Then, when either of those go down, the server that routes your calls immediately senses the outage, and will send your calls to your chosen destination—mobile phones, home phones, or alternate offices—at no extra cost.

Protect Your Company’s Assets

Ready to back up your communications to prevent major revenue and opportunity loss? Talk to us about a phone system with a built-in DR plan today.


*Stats, facts & data all courtesy of of Information Week’s “IT Downtime Costs $26.5 Billion in Lost Revenue”

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