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How to Choose a VoIP Company in Tampa

When comparing VoIP and any Hosted Voice or cloud networking providers, the cost at the bottom line is certainly a primary consideration. Fortunately, besides the bells, whistles, features, and functions delivered by Voice Over IP, the nature of its infrastructure does provide significant savings over traditional telephone systems.

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This is however where the similarity between VoIP providers ends. They differ in everything from features to reliability. To ensure your company is signing up for the functionality it requires at the price that suits the budget, consider these questions:

Which features come standard?  Like any normal phone service provider, VoIP providers vary in which operational features come standard, and which are offered at an additional cost. You want to be certain the features you would be paying for are the ones you need.

What is the specifics of the service plan? Knowing how much you are paying for in minutes, long-distance calls and text messaging services is important. Take the time to shop around, comparing contract lengths and options.

Is the network reliable?  Downtime is never an option for technology-reliant companies. VoIP providers should have clearly defined disaster recovery plans and should be able to deliver the documentation to support their Service Level Agreement (SLA) claims.

What is the quality of the provider’s customer service?  If something does go wrong, you need a well-established company with the resources to target recovery. Be certain to confirm the availability of their customer support and trouble escalation procedures.

At the end of the day, when you ask the right questions you’ll find the right VoIP specialists to support your business.

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