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What Does the Fox Say?

what does the fox say Well, if the fox had a phone…probably “Hello!” and if his office was in Tampa and we installed his enterprise VoIP service he would say, “Why did I wait so long to work with amazingly talented and forward-thinking professionals who install phone systems that meet my business needs!” We’re really certain that is what he’d say!

We think our ability to seamlessly integrate VoIP systems is not only because we understand the technology of course, but also because we never lose sight of the fact that simplicity is beauty.

Voice communications should just work…no matter how sophisticated the infrastructure or whether the data sits on a server or in a cloud; the user at the desk should be able to press a button or bark a command and have the feature or the phone call they want. Their experience should be a transparent one.

Today’s smaller footprints, faster processing times, and remote desktop services for a location-less world all started with the original telephone greeting of “Ahoy!” by Alexander Graham Bell. The expression “putting a call on hold” wasn’t of course a voice-activated function, but came from Bell handing the telephone instrument to his partner Watson saying, “Here, hold this.” It could technically be considered the first hands-free call!

So the phone says ring, Bell says ahoy, and the fox says hello. We say we love the robust advancements that characterize our industry. The functionality is over-the-top-crazy; as in crazy like a fox with a state-of-the-art solution by VoIP experts!

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