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What is a Virtual Switchboard and Why is it Important

A virtual switchboard is a system developed with large businesses and support staff in mind. Callers automatically hit an answering service so they can be directed to the best option and department. It provides an inexpensive, efficient, and easy software system that any receptionist can use. Everything within TeleVoIPs’ switchboard is accessible within two clicks.

Always Keeping Finance in Mind

We talk a lot about saving time and money, and a virtual switchboard’s purpose is no different.  Improving employee AND customer efficiency will get you better results faster, saving time and increasing revenue.  TeleVoIPs provides this service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional switchboard system.

It’s Customer-centric

Your virtual switchboard keeps employees focused on your customers and not the phone, facilitating sound relationships. Any seasoned manager will tell you that focusing on providing quality service is a key priority. Having an efficient system that allows the diversion of more calls with little downtime is a small but extremely powerful tool. Customers and managers are much happier with an increase in turnover time and decrease in wait time.

Virtual Agent Customization

Don’t let your customers listen to even one more robot voice! You can customize every aspect of the virtual agent with your own voice. Customers and clients appreciate the individualized touch added to the virtual receptionist.

A Queue Filled with Features

Know what’s going on in the office. Monitor your agents when they’re logged in and view their status (paused, logged off, invalid) at the same time.  The switchboard system allows you to see every call waiting in the queue along with a timer.  It also adds the ability to manage agents, whether you want to add, remove, or pause queue members.

Management Can Listen with Ease

Managing employees’ calls is just a click way. Listen in on conversations so you or management can provide better feedback and training along with quality call control. When there’s no time to listen in, just record calls with a simple click.

TeleVoIPs enables you to increase revenue, client, customer, and employee morale!  We give quality customer service and custom answers to complex problems.  Our virtual switchboard will give you the edge on time and help optimize how your business runs in an ever-growing fast-paced business world.

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